24 Best Wellness Newsletters for a Balanced Inbox (2023)

We can all relate to the struggle of sifting through work emails and sales promotions, but our inboxes are capable of much more than that. 

In fact, we’re so passionate about it that we created an epic list of the best newsletters on the internet right now!

The right email subscription can inspire connection, balance, and movement. Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, body image, overall motivation, or need more positivity, you’ve come to the right place. 

We’ve gathered some of the most refreshing email newsletters seeking to transform your inbox from a mundane taskmaster to a vibrant sanctuary of wellness. 

From industry experts to creatives committed to nurturing their online communities, these newsletters offer a tapestry of perspectives on wellness — each one providing a safe space to learn, grow, and discover. 

However, while we’re celebrating the endless amounts of resources at our fingertips, it’s important to remember to find balance. Too many emails can quickly become overwhelming. And we’re aiming for the opposite of that, right? 

So, go at your own pace, give yourself permission to unsubscribe or take a breather when needed, and treat your inbox as a sacred sanctuary. 

By the way, some of the links in this article may be affiliate links — which simply means we may get to make money at no cost to you. As always, all our recommendations are genuine, unbiased, and based on our actual experiences. Thanks for your support!

Explore These Inspiring Health and Wellness Newsletters —

Downtime by Alisha Ramos

Photo courtesy of Downtime

Downtime by Alisha Ramos is a weekly newsletter about the little (and big) things we do to feel good. It was born from the Girls’ Night In founder’s personal desire to establish a creative space for exploring the importance of self-care in an era marked by overwhelming demands and limited time for ourselves.

Delivered to your inbox every Friday (just in time to transition us into the weekend), this delightful newsletter delves into a range of fascinating topics, including pop culture, self-care practices, mental well-being, literature, and of course, the oh-so cherished concept of enjoying a cozy night in. Consider it your warm and comforting companion, providing a gentle nudge to honor and celebrate your downtime.

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Wondermind Newsletter: A Woman Sorrounded By Balloons With Positive Messages Written
Photo courtesy of Wondermind

Wondermind takes you far beyond those cliché inspirational quotes, providing an exciting toolkit to conquer a healthy mindset. Led by none other than Selena Gomez alongside her mother Mandy Teefy (producer of “13 Reasons Why”) and Daniella Pierson (co-founder of The Newsette), Wondermind is here to carve a way for us to care for our mental fitness.

Wondermind’s free newsletter lands in your inbox three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) with expert mental health advice, candid convos, and exclusive content.

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Salt + Yams 

Salt + Yams is a monthly Substack newsletter that archives Black health, investigates the many facets of health inequity, and uplifts interesting, underreported information about Black health. 

Julia Craven, a health, science, and wellness journalist, aims to explore the injustices that still exist within the wellness industry today, pointing her community to stories and resources that serve her fellow Black community. 

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Refind is a unique daily roundup of information based on your own personal interests! This tailored newsletter allows you to only receive information relevant to your needs — like your interest in personal wellness, perhaps? 

With a curated selection of five links per day — drawn from over 10,000 sources — it’s the perfect way to stay informed, inspired, and on top of the latest developments and tips. The more you interact with your daily roundups, the more personalized and relevant they become.

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The Unpublishable

The Unpublishable is the beauty industry’s least-favorite weekly-ish Substack newsletter. While a beauty newsletter might not be what you initially think of going under the “wellness” category, we’d argue that what you put on your skin directly impacts your body. 

Written by Jessica DeFino, a freelance beauty journalist for The New York Times, Vogue, WWD, and more, she unpacks current social trends and norms (like buccal fat removal and “filter”-inspired skincare). Defino, using research-based analysis, is on a mission to share what the beauty industry won’t tell you, from a reporter trying to reform it.

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The Goodnewsletter

The Goodnewsletter is a daily newsletter curated by our team of good news journalists. (Well, of course, we had to include our newsletter on this list!) We find the top good news stories of the day — plus a few bonus goodies — to help you feel more hopeful about the world. 

From one dance-loving nurse creating an immersive grief and trauma workshop series to ways you can celebrate, honor, and de-stigmatize mental health, we offer refreshing daily content to inspire you to be and do good. 

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NPR Life Kit

A Colorful Illustration Of A Group Of People With Different Ages And Ethnicity Stading Next To Each Other
Photo courtesy of NPR

Our appreciation for NPR and all it does to support independent local journalism knows no bounds! NPR Life Kit sends out weekly newsletters to its subscribers, who receive weekly tips, guides, and content grounded in specific topic areas (like “tips on quashing negative self-talk” and “how to set boundaries and protect your energy”). 

“Everyone needs a little help being a human,” the site says. Subscribers also get bonus content and alerts when new guides are released. They even offer weekly podcast episodes to listen to while preparing for the day. 

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3-2-1 by James Clear

3-2-1 by James Clear is written by author James Clear, who has been writing about habits and decision-making since 2012. (You might know him from his New York Times bestselling book, “Atomic Habits”).

Clear continues those same lessons through his weekly newsletter, where he shares three ideas, two inspiring quotes, and one question (hence, 3-2-1) for readers to reflect on. These weekly nuggets of gold give his community (of over 2 million!) a simple, reflective way to think about their daily habits. 

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The Overview

The Overview is a weekly newsletter written by Willow Defebaugh, editor-in-chief of climate and culture magazine Atmos. From honeybees reminding us of working in community with one another to the unsuspecting pigeon and its message of peace, these weekly meditative love letters to our planet open the door for us to see the goodness in our daily lives. 

This newsletter does a beautiful job of connecting nature with humanity. For those who appreciate a little introspection, this might be your weekly dose of self-care. 

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Out of Office

Out of Office is your refreshingly cheeky monthly newsletter exploring work culture and reimagining the way we work — and play! It provides helpful guides, tools, and creative ideas to help you learn how to find the oh-so-coveted work-life balance! 

Out of Office Network is a life-centered research and design lab committed to scaling a culture of well-being by making work, life, and the relationship between the two more regenerative. 

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Well To Do

Well To Do is a monthly Substack newsletter written by journalist and author Rina Raphael. She focuses on the economics and cultural underpinnings of the health and wellness industry and is known to be one of the leading voices in scoping out scams and dark truths within the wellness industry. 

From so-called wellness trends to the sexist side of wellness, Raphael packs these monthly newsletters with helpful information that’ll make any feminist inspired to take action! 

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The Marginalian

The Marginalian — formerly known as Brain Pickings — is a weekly digest written by Maria Popova. A one-woman labor of love, this newsletter explores what it means to live a tender, thoughtful life of purpose and gladness. She digs out wisdom from the past — across art, science, poetry, and philosophy — and presents it in new, refreshing ways. 

What started as a small newsletter sent to her close friends in 2006, has since become a resource for thousands of people and has also been included in the Library of Congress permanent web archive of culturally valuable materials. 

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Offline Time

Offline Time Logo With A Fun Green Wavy Background
Photo courtesy of Offline Time

Offline Time is a thought-provoking Substack newsletter penned by Lee Tilghman, a former wellness Instagram influencer. This newsletter is for folks who are eager to delve deeper into their digital lives and examine it with a critical eye. 

The newsletter aims to serve as a resource for those who find the incessant cycle of online trends unsustainable and detrimental to our mental well-being and the environment. It also recognizes the importance of balance in the digital age — catering to those who acknowledge the role of social media in our lives and view it as a tool, but also want to mindfully engage with it. 

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The New Fatherhood 

The New Fatherhood is a weekly newsletter founded by Kevin Maguire, a proud dad to two adorable kiddos and their sleepy basset hound. This community celebrates modern fatherhood, promoting diverse voices and embracing people of all backgrounds. Each newsletter dives into open, honest, and insightful explorations of the changing nature of fatherhood. 

From navigating the joys and challenges of parenting to fostering a supportive environment for growth and understanding, this community is providing a safe space for dads to move beyond surface-level conversations and into deeper connections. 

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How To Cure A Ghost

How To Cure A Ghost is a weekly-ish Substack newsletter dedicated to exploring the multifaceted aspects of healing, self-discovery, and personal growth — all done through the lens of exploring cultural appropriation and exclusivity in the wellness space. Rooted in empathy and understanding, this newsletter offers an insightful perspective on navigating life’s challenges, overcoming emotional obstacles, and finding solace in our shared human experiences. 

Through introspective essays, thought-provoking discussions, and curated content, “How To Cure A Ghost” delves into mental health, self-care, relationships, identity, and the transformative power of storytelling. 

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Gloria is the unexpectedly delightful weekly newsletter that celebrates the unique intersection between not quite “old” but no longer “young,” or, in other words: midlife. Each week, Gloria brings a curated blend of content, including expert interviews, shopping advice, and much more. 

Subscribers gain insights from accomplished professionals and thought leaders who understand the nuances of midlife, as they share their wisdom and experiences. From fashion and beauty tips tailored to your needs to thought-provoking articles that tackle the complexities of this life stage, Gloria offers a mix of fresh and empowering perspectives on midlife. 

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How Not To F*ck Up Your Face 

A Card With A Smiley Winky Face That Says: How Not To F*ck Up Your Face
Photo courtesy of How Not to F*ck Up Your Face

How Not To F*ck Up Your Face is a newsletter by Valerie Monroe, former beauty director at O, The Oprah Magazine. She wants to help readers shift their mindset in the beauty space from “self-criticism to self-compassion.” Or, as she puts it in the title of her newsletter title: how to not “f*ck up your face.” 

The newsletter covers all aspects of self-care while getting older, from whether facials are worth it to what it (actually) means to reject the “anti-aging” label.

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The Reset

A Collage Of Images That Evoke Hope, Optimism, And Possibilities. "The Reset" is written On The Middle Image.
Photo courtesy of Kate Eskuri

The Reset is a relatable bi-weekly newsletter curated by Kate Eskuri — a registered dietitian with a doctorate in integrative health. Serving as a resource to help subscribers reset, she covers all things self-care, nutrition, holistic health, and intentional living. Her approach to healthy living is refreshingly straightforward and achievable, making it accessible to folks with busy lifestyles. (It was this approach that initially drew me to follow her work five years ago, and I have been hooked ever since.)

Eskuri blends science-backed wellness, intentional living, and holistic self-care, offering a treasure trove of valuable content right in your inbox. From guided meditations and nourishing recipes to engaging virtual book clubs, The Reset caters to those who seek holistic wellness. 

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An Illustration Of Someone With Their Hand Placed On Their Chest
Photo courtesy of Healthline

Healthline helps filter out the noise that is the wellness industry to instead nurture your inbox with health and wellness advice that’s inclusive and rooted in medical expertise. With 29 individual health-related newsletters to choose from — like building better connections, nutrition, and move your body challenges — subscribers are able to connect with content packed with expert guidance, research, and hacks to help stay informed and take steps toward a balanced lifestyle.

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Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith

The Illustration For Burnt Toast By Virginia Sole-Smith
Photo courtesy of Burnt Toast

Burnt Toast by Virginia Sole-Smith is a weekly newsletter that tackles the intricacies of diet culture and fatphobia — especially within the health, fashion, and parenting spaces. 

Sole-Smith — a New York Times bestselling author and journalist — confronts these issues by providing thought-provoking perspectives and engaging discussions that challenge societal norms and recalibrate our understanding of body image and self-worth — all while having some fun!

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Recovering, a weekly newsletter by Holly Whitaker, examines current cultural trends through the lens of addiction, recovery, alcohol, and all the other drugs (including our smartphones). Whatever form of addiction you’re working through, this newsletter offers weekly opportunities to thoughtfully reflect and learn. 

Though she offers free content to all subscribers, her paid subscription model allows access to a library of more helpful content around recovery, while also donating 5% of all earnings to Drug Policy Alliance, an organization committed to ending the war on drugs, and Feed The Streets Los Angeles, direct mutual aid in Los Angeles for unhoused residents — we love to see that! 

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The Daily Good

The Daily Good is a thoughtfully curated daily newsletter from The Good Trade, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle media company. With a focus on sustainability, slow living, and self-care, this newsletter delivers a delightful dose of inspiration directly to your inbox. 

Created to provide subscribers with a 30-second moment of respite from the daily grind, this newsletter offers soothing playlists, sustainable recipes that nourish both your body and the planet, and a collection of inspiring articles for mindful living. 

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An Illustration Of A Dad With A Kid Reading A Book: "How Can I talk To My Kids About Mental Health?"
Photo courtesy of Happiful

Happiful is a mental health and well-being community that exists to help folks find the support and advice they need. As a Certified B Corp, Happiful uses its business as a force for good (music to our ears!). Its immersive e-magazine — which is delivered straight to your inbox once a month — is packed with practical advice, inspiring true stories, insightful expert tips, and thought-provoking features, all intimately focused on mental health and wellness. 

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Aunt Jackie

Aunt Jackie is a weekly Substack newsletter written by your new favorite fun-loving, extremely cool, and quirky aunt. Jackie Dives, a photographer, photojournalist, and artist, channels her creative passions into a newsletter that celebrates the art of living authentically and childfree.

While she just launched this newsletter in early 2023, she’s quickly gathered a strong community of people hungry for a safe, creative outlet and deep reflection. 

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