A wellness spa to help you lead a healthier, more balanced life opens in Lafayette

In a world of constant stress, demands, and obligations, if your looking for a place to heal and relax, the Covery wellness spa may be right for you.

The brand has announced their newest location in their home state of Louisiana; led by franchise partners, Mark and Jessica Dolecheck, who are thrilled to bring the restorative wellness concept to the Lafayette area.

The Wellness Spa brand offering a diverse collection of non-invasive therapies including: Red light therapy, facials, body sculpting, cold and oxygen therapy, and peptides which is a revolutionary approach that supports cellular health, enhances recovery, and promotes overall well-being, providing you with the key to an optimized life.

“We believe that business and everyday life is a sport, and treating yourself to recovery is essential; because a healthy and rested mind and body will not only keep you in the game, it will keep you in the lead,” said the company’s website.

Mark Dolecheck spent years in the sales industry, but always had a lifelong desire to run his own business. After considering his wife, Jessica’s, background in Occupational Therapy, higher education and healthcare, his daughter’s skill set in marketing, and his son’s experience in Exercise Science and Wellness. Therefore, franchising The Covery seemed like a natural fit. As a family, they bring a unique set of skills to the table and believe this business can be a rewarding, family-oriented venture.

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