An opportunity for businesses and societal change

“Menopause is not a disease, it’s a transition, and it affects a staggering 20% of the world’s population at any given time, with women left struggling to find the products and support they need during this significant phase of their lives,” Heather Jackson told delegates at the Active Nutrition Summit held last week in Amsterdam. The event was hosted by NutraIngredients.

Jackson explained that despite its prevalence, the market for menopausal products and support remains largely undeveloped, and she urged businesses to seize the opportunity for commercial growth and societal change.

Opportunities for business and consumer

Jackson’s call to action revolved around the need for businesses to take menopause seriously and provide the necessary products and services that women in this stage require.

She cited 48 signs and symptoms associated with menopause, suggesting that these could open up a vast array of opportunities for businesses to develop products tailored to meet these needs.

While symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings are the commonly cited symptoms of menopause, Jackson notes that other key symptoms include joint pain, fatigue, muscle tension, loss of bone density, and breathing difficulties.

As she explained to the audience at the Active Nutrition Summit, there are brands already working towards aiding these symptoms in athletes, who could be benefitting off marketing for menopausal women. 

And according to statistics provided by Jackson, 87% of those experiencing menopause feel overlooked by brands, and 91% have never seen any specific marketing for menopause-friendly products. 

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