Aryeh Bourkoff — Media’s Hottest Dealmaker on How to Negotiate, Rejecting Constraints, Mastering the Calendar to Create More Time, and How to Play the Long Game

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“What is your edge?”

— Aryeh Bourkoff

Aryeh B. Bourkoff (@aryehbourkoff) is the chairman and CEO of LionTree, an independent investment and merchant bank advising and investing in transformational CEOs and the companies they lead. Aryeh founded LionTree in 2012 during a time of unprecedented disruption, and since then, LionTree has supported an expanding number of industries as they capture opportunity in an evolving digital economy.

Aryeh is also the founder of Kindred Media, a digital media and podcasting company powered by LionTree, and serves on the boards of Yahoo and Carnegie Hall. Before founding LionTree, Aryeh spent 13 years at UBS, closing his tenure as vice chairman and Head of Americas Investment Banking. Before UBS, Aryeh was a high-yield research analyst and ranked as the #1 cable and satellite analyst by Institutional Investor for seven consecutive years.

Aryeh is a graduate of the University of California at San Diego and resides in New York City with his family.

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#629: Aryeh Bourkoff — Media’s Hottest Dealmaker on How to Negotiate, Rejecting Constraints, Mastering the Calendar to Create More Time, and How to Play the Long Game

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  • [05:35] What makes a good research analyst?
  • [12:39] Lessons learned from Alan Ginsberg.
  • [16:02] Why did Aryeh choose to move across the country for a career in finance?
  • [19:49] Professional job-seeking, doorknob negotiation, and toe-stepping.
  • [24:30] Tying together the disparate and thinking outside convention.
  • [35:38] Coping with overflow when time is short.
  • [51:56] “What is your edge?”
  • [58:27] A deck of cards and Joe Ianniello.
  • [1:05:08] Resources for sharpening negotiation skills.
  • [1:13:56] Recommended reading.
  • [1:22:04] Thoughts on the future of audio/streaming/podcasting.
  • [1:29:41] Building and maintaining community trust.
  • [1:32:39] Goalkeeping.
  • [1:35:59] Mach2.
  • [1:38:01] The write time.
  • [1:39:12] Parting thoughts.


“If you’re going to go into an industry, go to the heart of it. Don’t plan around the edges.”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“Conventional thinking is typically right, but seldom profitable.”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“What is your edge?”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“If we eliminate all the extremism, then everyone can redefine their view of what their centers look like, and that’s where the richness lies. And whether you find it in the magic hours in the wee hours of the night or the middle of the day, I think we can form these circles and then really bond together, and I think the best is yet to come.”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“People have hopes and dreams that sometimes take the shape and form of businesses. And those businesses need money, capital, to see the light of day, to realize their dreams. And that’s finance. And if I can play a role in helping those individuals get capital and have their dreams realized, that is a worthwhile life to live.”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“You have to ask yourself, are you comfortable going into a controversial scenario, or do you want to just live in the non-controversial?”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“Whenever anyone says, ‘Life is too short,’ I’m like, ‘Well, life is the longest thing you know. You don’t know anything longer than life.’ So I’m like, ‘Let’s just live it to the fullest as much as you can.’”
— Aryeh Bourkoff

“It goes back to adaptability. If something has a rigid purpose and you break the purpose, it will die.”
— Aryeh Bourkoff


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