LOBO Advanced Platform System Receives Approval for All Carnival UK Ships

Starting with the Cunard Line, The LOBO Advanced Platform System has been approved to be rolled out across the entire fleet within Carnival UK

The LOBO Advanced Platform System is thrilled to announce that, following a successful pilot, it will be rolled out across the entire Carnival UK fleet. This move will revolutionize how Carnival carries out maintenance and repair work, ensuring that all tasks can be carried out safely and efficiently, whether at sea or port.

The deployment of LOBO Systems across the Carnival fleet represents a significant milestone for both LOBO Systems and the cruise industry.

With LOBO Systems,’ modular design, the platform can be easily assembled and adjusted to fit any space, making it the perfect solution for work at height on ships of all sizes. In addition, the platform can be quickly and easily adapted to suit the specific needs of each job, allowing for fast, safe, and efficient work, regardless of the task at hand.

“Following the successful pilot of the new LOBO System on the Ventura Cruise ship, we would like to focus on rolling out across the Cunard Fleet, starting with the Queen Mary 2.” Says the Fleet Safety Training Manager at Carnival UK.

“The LOBO System has proven on the ship to be a highly effective work platform system for accessing different heights and slopes, including tanks. It is being used for service maintenance and refit – traditional scaffolding cannot access these difficult-to-reach areas. Not only does LOBO save time, but it also saves money on using external contractors.” They add.

For on-ship maintenance teams to use the system safely, LOBO will also deliver an entire certificated training course, enabling the Fleet Trainers to train their on-ship team to build, inspect and use the kit safely.

LOBO is thrilled to be able to work closely with the Carnival and Cunard teams over the next few months and is looking forward to cementing the relationship with such a key player in the cruise industry.


For more information on our product or training courses, please visit our website: www.lobosystems.com or call + 44 (0)1332 365666 & North America 1-800-640-5492.

About LOBO:

LOBO is a leader in the Work Platform industry, providing cutting-edge solutions designed to meet its customers’ needs. With a focus on innovation, LOBO constantly develops new and improved Work Platform systems that offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and versatility.

One of the key features of the LOBO Work Platform is its modular design, which allows for quick and easy setup and takedown. This makes the LOBO Work Platform ideal for multiple applications, from construction and maintenance to painting and cleaning. In addition, the LOBO Work Platform is highly customizable, allowing customers to configure their work platform systems to meet their specific needs.

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