MEXC International Adopts the “Ocean Blue” Colour Pallet to Rejoice Serving 10 Million Customers – CoinCheckup Weblog

MEXC International Adopts the “Ocean Blue” Colour Pallet to Rejoice Serving 10 Million Customers – CoinCheckup Weblog
MEXC Exceeds 10 Million Customers

MEXC, one of the most global’s most sensible cryptocurrency exchanges, has modified its colour theme from “Woodland Inexperienced” to “Ocean Blue”.

The brand new shift in branding follows the trade’s primary milestone of serving over 10 million customers as according to the most recent statistics in September 2022. Because of this, the preferred ramp is adopting a brand new colour theme and launching a marketing campaign to inform its Jstomer base and crypto neighborhood what they stand for.

The collection of “Ocean Blue” over “Woodland Inexperienced” colour pallet follows their survey of purchasers in South Korea. To check reception, MEXC in brief rolled out the brand new theme for its South Korean customers. Particularly, Andrew Weiner, the Vice President of MEXC Change, famous that purchasers in South Korea had been firmly in choose of the “Ocean Blue” colour scheme. 

In a while, the staff proceeded to assemble comments from their world clientele. Like in South Korea, the reception used to be overwhelmingly in fortify of the brand new logo colour, a transfer that suggested MEXC to completely shift and undertake the brand new colour device. Particularly, MEXC’s determination to contain the neighborhood is in synchrony with their client-facing nature and strikes to prioritize and combine consumer comments every time essential selections impacting their actions are to be made.

“Ocean Blue” is symbolic of MEXC International. The trade explains that the earth’s oceans occupy 71.35 % of the globe’s floor, while forests duvet a paltry 7.27 %. In the meantime, excluding the dominance in protection, oceans are endless and huge. However, forests are fragile and limited through land mass. Taking into account MEXC Change’s ambition, the adoption of the “Ocean Blue” colour scheme is an apt illustration in their succeed in and concentrate on expanding crypto adoption.

Their “customers come first method” has been paying dividends for the trade, permitting them to increase hastily regardless of the biting crypto wintry weather. Andrew stated:

After we glance again at MEXC’s historical past, ‘Customers Come First’ has at all times been greater than a motto – it’s the recipe to our success- which the advance of the logo colour can not exemplify.

Through the years since launching in 2018, MEXC has been hastily rising its Jstomer base and introducing thrilling options for its buyers. In June 2020, for example, the trade performed a significant product improve, revamping its Futures Buying and selling device and Product Serve as. Enhancements incorporated including options similar to “Lightning Shut” and “Leverage Multiples Adjustment”. Their enhancement follows months of surveys, collecting Jstomer comments, and product trying out. In the end, the function used to be to vastly support consumer enjoy, making sure their adventure when navigating MEXC is enjoyable. 

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