OpenAI Board In Talks With Sam Altman For Possible Comeback As CEO Just One Day Following His Exit

OpenAI Board In Talks With Sam Altman For Possible Comeback As CEO Just One Day Following His Exit

The board of OpenAI is potentially bringing back Sam Altman as CEO.

According to multiple sources, Altman, who was suddenly dismissed by the board on Friday, is “ambivalent” about returning and would demand significant governance changes, as per a report by The Verge on Saturday. The fact that Altman is in discussions with OpenAI just a day after his removal suggests a state of disarray at the company.

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Following Altman’s dismissal, Greg Brockman, OpenAI’s president and former board chairman, resigned. The two are reportedly considering starting a new venture together. A number of senior researchers also quit on Friday, and it’s suggested that more departures may be forthcoming.

Despite Altman’s abrupt removal, Microsoft, OpenAI’s largest investor, stated its continued commitment to its partnership with the AI firm. However, investors were not given prior notice or a chance to discuss the board’s decision to remove Altman. His departure has cast uncertainty over OpenAI’s future, especially as competitors strive to match the breakthrough rise of ChatGPT.

The current OpenAI board comprises chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, Quora CEO Adam D’Angelo, former GeoSim Systems CEO Tasha McCauley, and Helen Toner, from Georgetown’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology. Sutskever, also a co-founder of OpenAI, was key in Altman’s ousting, indicating a possible power struggle within the company.

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