Pipedrive Vs. Freshsales: Official Winner for SMBs

Pipedrive Vs. Freshsales: Official Winner for SMBs

Effective contact management can make or break a growing business. 

If you lose track of your contacts, you lose business (and, therefore, money). 

That’s why we were thrilled to see how organized and user-friendly Freshsales’ contact management system was.

We could easily store, manage, and segment our growing contacts list. 

We also loved how easy it was to import contacts from other sources. 

For example, we were able to import from the following (shown below): 

  • Excel or CSV form
  • Google & Outlook contacts
  • Popular CRM platforms

With just a few clicks, we could import all of our B2B affiliate contacts from Small Business Bonfire. 

To really put the CRM software to the test, we added our contacts manually as well. 

Here’s a contact card (to give you some reference). 

Pipedrive vs. Freshsales - Freshsales New Contact

Each card was highly customizable and offered a ton of information at just a glance. 

For example, Freshsales provides an entire dashboard (pictured below) where you can create entire folders of custom fields.

Pipedrive vs. Freshsales - Freshsales Contact Customization

We’ve tested a lot of CRMs over the years and can easily say Freshsales offers some of the most customizable contact management on the market.

It’s perfect for niche SMBs that need more specific segmentation options for their contacts. 

Overall, we found the contact management system to be highly efficient and user-friendly, making it a top contender for any SMB looking for an organized and comprehensive CRM solution.

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